Sunset on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Quality vs. Cost

It’s easy to find very cheap options to have your images printed these days, but they are never created with archival inks or papers, nor are they created by professional printers who know their craft intimately, and whom can spot and correct the subtlest imperfections as only a professional can.

These cheap prints are simply not made to last – they are disposable. I’ve grown a bit sick of disposable things and the ‘disposable mentality’ as a whole and so I certainly don’t want to have any of my images created in a cheap or disposable way. I want people who buy prints of mine to be able to enjoy them for the rest of their lives and then give them to their kids and grandkids as the years pass.

Because of this, I do choose the highest quality materials to have my prints created and I will only ever trust professionals (at Color Services) to create them. With high quality and craftsmanship comes a higher print price that can end up being exorbitant for many people who would like to have big, beautiful landscape and nature prints in their homes.

My Prints

At the moment, every image you see on my site is available as an open edition unless otherwise specified.  I currently only have one series of images available as limited editions which you can find by clicking here.

I might be changing this soon.  There are so many digital images out there and so many fewer actual prints – I’m not a big a fan of this state of things.  I’m not sure when, but not too far in the future I think I’m going to offer almost exclusively limited edition prints.  I will most likely end up varying the size of the runs from 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1.

Yes, 1.  I love the idea of a one-off print.  Yes, this will have implications on the collectability and value of my prints at some point (or it won’t), but the most exciting implication of this approach for me as a photographer, and as an artist, is that I think t will create more drive to get out and travel, explore and to create more prints!  It’s me doing my own little part to shift creative emphasis back to actual/physical prints and media, and away from the sickeningly over-saturated realm of digital media.  Digital media can be FANTASTIC – but there’s just too much of it, in my opinion.

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