Fun with super high ISO. 30k, H1 & H2

I hadn’t been up Tunnel trail for days. But we both noticed how lush and green both sides of the canyon were as soon as we walked through the gate. Santa Barbara is off to a good start with the water works this year.

I almost didn’t bring my camera, but I did, because that would have been stupid. I’ve missed out too many times before (1 time is too many times) so I through it in my backpack with an f/2.8 16-35 just in case the sky caught fire as the sunset.

It got dark quick and I almost immediately recognized that uncomfortable pit in my gut when I fear I might have missed those last perfect minutes. But it was gone just as quick. And not long after it had gone, another, lighter one lit-up. I thought, “What a perfect opportunity to play with the super high ISO settings that I habitually dismiss as useless. Nearly every photo below was take at somewhere between 30,000 – H2.

Mission Falls Photography, Santa Barbara.
Arlington Peak, Santa Barbara CA.

Don’t think I would make prints from any of them

Pretty neat considering it was damn near pure black out there as far as most cameras’ sensors are concerned, but I don’t imagine any of them are print worthy… unless I caught some weird wild creative hair and wanted to do something like splicing two similar images into successively narrow strips from the out-side in, and then reorganizing all the strips into a panoramic composed of an alternating pattern of the two images that were spliced…or something like that.

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