Double Arch, Arches National Park, Utah.

Facebook asked me how I was feeling on this day in 2018, and it reminded me, just now, about how I was feeling then…I still feel the same way.

Evolve or die.

I feel like humanity has come to a fork in the evolutionary road where one path leads to a potentially more advanced/conscious/beneficial form of evolution, and the other path is actually more like a U-turn that leads us backwards down a sad, confusing process of de-evolution to some form of primitive barbarism/tribalism. And I feel, as a species, that we’ve taken more than a couple, more-than-tentative steps down the latter path.

This is troubling. Why, humans? Why? Biologically we ARE still quite primitive. Or, at least, our conscious lives are still governed by some very primitive physiology in many regards. But if you don’t actively seek to become more aware of the extent to which your primitive biology creates/dictates your experience of your existence, you will never be anything more than a unique sum of reactions to external forces. This is basically what it was to be Human before “civilization.” But that’s simply not enough anymore, we need to get our asses back to that fork in the evolutionary road and make a better choice. Pronto.

What the hell are we doing?

What are we doing, humans? Guns? School shootings? Fake News? Money and power? Thoughts and prayers in place of policy and action? Un-protecting Nature and wild spaces? Who do you think is looking out for you? Who do you think is going to save you? What do you think you are going to be saved from? It really is all about you. YOU are the only one capable of saving yourself. YOU are the only one capable of effecting change. STOP waiting for someone else to do something. STOP thinking that change needs to be effected on the state, national or global level. STOP thinking that YOU can do anything to effect significant change on those levels. You can’t.BUT, YOU can change. YOU can treat people differently. YOU can provide help and aid when and where you can. YOU can do all these things in your own little home. In your apartment building. In the place you work. In your classroom. In your town. THIS is where actual/real/visible change occurs.

Yea, vote. But act upon your immediate surroundings daily.

I’m not saying ‘don’t vote’. I’m not saying ‘stop having positive thoughts and wishing others well.’ I’m not saying ‘stop working on the BIG, large-scale things.’ I’m suggesting that you can (and maybe even should) still do those things — but work on all the teeny-tiny, small, personal, local, everyday things first. When you have larger and larger groups of people acting in this way, changes on the Macro level will likely be realized as natural and happy consequences of these countless and continuous changes made on the Micro level.

…Yea, I know. It got a little ranty. Just feel lucky I’ve reigned it in as much as I have. Wait, SEE?! I just did it!!

Resist emotional reactivity.

All of my emotions were saying, “YARGH ANGRY SCREAM FIGHT, EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT EXCEPT ME BLARRRGHHHGITY BLARG BLARG.” But, thanks to a conscious decision to acknowledge these emotions, and to evaluate them in the face of facts, and opinions other than my own, I was able to boil it all down into something that is (hopefully) a bit more rational and easier to digest. And perhaps even helpful! Can you imagine??! Ok, that’s enough for now.

I love you 🙂

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